Road Trips

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.09.46 PMThis was supposed to be an easy trip home to see the family but the trip turned out to be anything but…

1. My first leg of the trip was only supposed to be about a 4 hour drive. It took more than 6.

2. I got sick. Not the deathly, I-can’t-drive-take-me-to-a-hospital kind of sick…but the just bad enough to make the drive miserable, sick.

3. The second leg was fine (8 hours worth of driving) except the whole being miserable sick thing.

But truth be told along the journey God was faithful.

1. Even though I was sick, along the way I found everything I needed to make the drive bearable. Meds, food, water, all quickly and easily.

2. Being that I had a headache music wasn’t an option, so my girlfriend and I talked 90% of the drive and had some of our best conversations to date. Everything from God stuff to next steps with our relationship stuff to just LIFE stuff. It was perfect.

3. All along the way even though I was miserable, I could see God all around this trip. That, my friends, is a cool kind of comfort.

So even though the trip was long and hard and not filled with a whole lot of road trip fun, it will be one that I won’t soon forget and I am actually thankful of how it all turned out.

God is Good.



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