See How Carlos and Joy Pranked Chad from Unspoken

It’s never fun when someone volunteers you for something and that is exactly what happened to Chad from the band Unspoken! His wife Katie asked for some concert tickets so their daughter could see her favorite Mandisa. Katie was so grateful that we gave her tickets that she said in return Chad can sing at Joy’s wedding one day (Joy is not even engaged!) Chad also HATES singing at weddings and getting volunteered for things! So Joy is now texting Chad about her fake wedding and seeing how many outrageous demands he will agree to!

It all started with Joy texting Chad…

FullSizeRender copy 3


Now, Chad starts to make his own demands…

FullSizeRender copy 2


Chad is being way too nice so Joy schemes with his wife Kate for the worst outfit for him to wear…

FullSizeRender copy

FINALLY, Chad’s wife Katie told him about the prank and said this was his expression and response!! haha



Find out how Chad responded by listening to our call with him on the air:


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