STOP Saying “Like a Girl!”

How often have we used the insult “you throw like a girl.” It’s been around forever.
Even as a girl, I still say it! However, have we ever thought about what that really means? It’s saying that girls can’t throw and that’s not true! Why do we allow this insult that puts women down to be a part of our speech. We often add, “like a girl” and never think about what message this sends.

Like a GirlOne company did an experiment and asked girls of all ages to “run like a girl.” The girls over 10 years old ran in a slow embarrassing “girly” fashion while the girls under 10 years old ran as fast as they could. This way of viewing the saying, “like a girl” is one we LEARN. Young girls do not understand that it is suppose to be derogatory! This is a good reminder to all of us how easily our words affect the understand of young women around us.

Let’s not teach women that “like a girl” is a bad thing. The passion behind some of these women’s speeches in this video encouraged my heart!  View the video HERE.

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