The 7 Things Men Hate About Living With Women

Sharing space with any woman comes with its own unique set of challenges. Men and Women think very differently about home decor, accommodations, fashion, even the foods we eat. So today, when Joy broke out the “Shimmer Dusting Powder” (its basically a hand grenade filled with glitter) I immediately felt sorry for any man who’s wife has ever purchased that thing. Joy’s been leaving a trail all around the station because of her glitter grenade!

Ladies, we love you, we need you, we can’t live without you…but these are some things we can’t stand about living with you:


womens closet7. Goodbye Closet Space: We get it, you have a dress for every occasion…but would it kill you to send the things you haven’t worn over the past decade to Goodwill?




Womens Bathroom6. The Counter Top Takeover: I’m beginning to forget what color bathroom counter we once had. Was it pearl? Do we even have a counter or just more products holding up the current products?




Womens makeup5. Product Overload: How many shades of “smokey” does one really need?






4. Bobby Pins and HairWomens Bobbypins Ties: Most men are not as handy as MacGyver, so finding bobby pins in the rug, our car, the bathroom, basically everywhere, doesn’t help us with much of anything except another reminder of your hair. Speaking of…



Womens hair3. Hair, Hair, EVERYWHERE: From the bathroom wall, to the brush you use, to the floorboards of our cars. We find your hair everywhere.



tumblr_ljkbqc0AQr1qeca9po1_5002. Pillows: Do we need to have 19 decorative pillows? These pillows are pretty, we understand that, but they only do one of two things. They either decorate the bed when its made or decorate the floor.





shimmer dusting powder1. Shimmer Dusting Powder: Why do you need to puff glitter on yourselves at a moments notice? Glitter gets on everything and when it makes contact with a man’s skin it somehow superglues itself on. For some reason women need to reapply, men can find glitter from a 3rd grade class project just by brushing their hair hard enough.





Trust me, men fully understand that our lives wouldn’t be the same without you. We put up with these things and just smile because we love you and are thankful for you. Just keep some of these things in mind when you see your man walk into the war zone you call a bathroom.

Feel free to add anything I may have left of this list in the comments section below! Some might just make it on-air.


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