The 7 Things Women Hate About Living With Men

A few weeks back I wrote an article called “The 7 Things Men Hate About Living With Women” and lets just say, the floodgates were opened and the ladies have chimed in with the things they can’t stand about living with men. While most women said things like, “We couldn’t live our lives without our men, they help make life a little easier” or “Thank God for my Husband who handles all the dirty work like the trash, killing bugs and yard work” there are still things you women can’t stand. I will do my best to describe what you’ve said are the worst…

1. Leaving the Dirty Towel on the Bed:

To be honest my wife busts me on this ALL THE TIME. The bedroom is where one gets dressed for the day and the bed basically looks like the best place to stash the towel momentarily. Key word: Momentarily. The problem is moments after placing it on the bed our brain dumps that information as useless and we forget we ever left it there. For men everywhere, I apologize.

Women hate about living with men

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2.  Clothes NOT in the Hamper:

I can see how this would be an issue. You see clothes left out or on the floor and you ask yourself, what’s clean? What’s dirty? I will speak for myself and say I have a system. If I have a stack of clothes “at the ready” it means there’s a very good chance I will be wearing something from that pile again soon. If the clothes have landed in an area near the hamper it means I probably did my best LeBron James impersonation and sadly missed the bucket you call the hamper. Again, as a man, I apologize.

Women hate about living with men

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3. The Dreaded Toilet Seat Issue:

This is age old and may never change until science comes up with an affordable automatically adjusting seat. Here’s the thing, as a man we fully comprehend how to use these things God gave us called “hands” and we use them all the time to manipulate the contraption knows as “the toilet seat.” We don’t understand the issue some of you ladies have here. Just take a moment and double check the seat.

Women can't live with men

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4. Shavings Around The Sink:

We have beards, mustaches, side burns and what-not to make sure we keep trimmed and looking manly. I must say that no matter how much I try and clean up after shaving my face…days later there are STILL tiny little hairs that escape me. We try, we really do, but much like you shed, when it comes to our beards…so do we. So we apologize, but let’s just call this one even.

Women can't live with men

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5. Drinking Out of the Carton:

I have no idea why we do this, but some men just do. Why get another glass dirty when all we want is a little bit? Maybe its us being a little lazy or maybe its us being a little bit genius. This is one of those things that if it really bugs you, keep letting us know. It may take a couple hundred reminders but it will eventually sink in. In the mean time if there’s just a tiny bit left in the carton, just throw it out, its probably 60% backwash by that point.

Women hate about living with men

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6. Burping:

Yeah, no excuse here. Why do we do it? I have no idea. Maybe we love the feeling it gives us as it reverberates within our chests or it reminds us of our little boy years when we thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. For men everywhere, I am sorry.

women hate about living with men

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7. Missing the Little Things:

For the most part men view everything from a 30,000ft perspective. We get the big picture. So when we see the toilet paper has run out, we grab a new roll. Do we always change out the old empty one, no. But we did grab the new one! Half-credit? Men by design are fixers and sometimes we fix and move on so quickly we miss a few minor details along the way. For that, I apologize for all mankind. Just know that we try.

Women hate about living with men

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Yes, living with men can be difficult and it comes with its own unique set of challenges, but God made us very different for a reason and without each other things wouldn’t run quite as well. My wife said to me the other day, “No matter how messy, how forgetful, how different life is living with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. God gave me you and I love you just the way you are.” I am so grateful for my wife, much the same way that I hope you are so grateful for your spouse. Through our differences God makes a much more full life and that’s the adventure we get to call marriage.

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