Time to Deal With Our Insecurities

We’ve all got insecurities. You can deny it right now, but you know that deep down you still have a few. A few days ago, one of my dear friends invited me to go to Girla party with her. When I got there I suddenly felt like I did not belong there. Everyone was super hipster and cool with amazing life stories. I did not fit with any of them. I hated feeling insecurities I haven’t felt in years come rushing back.

I’m finding that insecurities never really go away until they are dealt with and fully given to God. My real problem? Looking in the wrong places to solve my insecurities. When we ask the world who we truly are, it will lie to us every time. Only God can help us stop the comparison game and tell us who we are suppose to be.

Our God that created you with a purpose is the only one who can show you who you really are. It makes sense. It also seems too easy to be true. I like to look everywhere else to figure out who I am. When God whispers to my heart that I’m loved, I think it can’t be true. When God tells me that I am perfect in His eyes, quirks and all, I think that it’s impossible. However, if we are fully known by our God then we don’t have to worry about where we fit. We already have all we need in our relationship with Him and our insecurities will fade. Just when I thought I was doing well in this, I find that I need to go back and ask God again who I am.


– Joy


Photo credit: AP Photographie and flickr.com

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