Top 5 Songs That Will Make You STOP What You’re Doing and Listen

Every now and then a song comes on the radio that makes you stop, sit in your car and just listen till it ends. Why do those songs always start when you’re 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway?! Carlos here and I had one of those experiences recently when I heard the new Adele song “Hello” on the local pop station. The way she sang it, the words she used to write it, it had that special mix of feeling and depth that few songs have these days.

Over the last year there have been a few songs added to WAY-FM that have done that exact thing to me.

Here are the TOP 5 Songs That Make You Stop What You’re Doing and Listen!


5. No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music

The battle many of us face everyday – FEAR – is given a song to remind us that we have no need to fear, because we are children of God.


4. How Can It Be – Lauren Daigle

We have all sinned and fallen short of the love we receive from God on a daily basis. That being said, this song reminds us that God rights all wrongs and overcame our sins on the cross and by that act we are FREE.


3. Shoulders – For King and Country

The video really drives the story behind this song. God is always with us through the confusion, through the despair, through the heartache…He never leaves us, He carries us on His shoulders.


2. Same Power – Jeremy Camp

We could all use a reminder like this from time to time and Jeremy brought it home with Same Power. We can face any fear, any storm, anything this life throws at us because the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in us.


1. Flawless – MercyMe

We all have things that make us feel less than worthy, but at the cross Jesus defeated sin and death and now His grace sets you free. So those “things” that we all have no longer have a hold on us.

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