3 Amazing Last Minute Valentines Gifts From a So Called Love Expert

Hey there! I’m CJ & I hope you’re not allergic to awesome, cause the below list might send you to the hospital!

TIP 1: B-Line to the Kitchen Store & purchase your love a brand new Cheese-Grater! Leave the note below to elevate the romance to a higher level!

three brown wooden rolling pins



“Your love is GRATER than the rest…”




TIP 2: Mosey on over to Barnes & Noble & ask them to find you a book on Otters! That’s right…Otters! Inside the book write the following note & prepare to be awarded Valentine of the Year!

brown otter


“Thanks for being my significant OTTER”



TIP 3: Sneak a delicious apple out of the fruit bowl, but be careful not to eat the whole thing… Leaving just the core lobs you up for a romantic slam dunk! Write the note below & smile for a pic… They’re about to put your face in the dictionary next to the word STUD!

selective focus photography of person holding apple fruit



“I love you to the core”







NOTE FROM WAY FM: “These tips are terrible & should not be used under circumstances… Thank you & God Bless. 

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