3 Amazing Last Minute Valentines Gifts From a So Called Love Expert

Hey there! I’m CJ & I hope you’re not allergic to awesome, cause the below list might send you to the hospital!

TIP 1: B-Line to the Kitchen Store & purchase your love a brand new Cheese-Grater! Leave the note below to elevate the romance to a higher level!



“Your love is GRATER than the rest…”



TIP 2: Mosey on over to Barnes & Noble & ask them to find you a book on Otters! That’s right…Otters! Inside the book write the following note & prepare to be awarded Valentine of the Year!


“Thanks for being my significant OTTER”



TIP 3: Sneak a delicious apple out of the fruit bowl, but be careful not to eat the whole thing… Leaving just the core lobs you up for a romantic slam dunk! Write the note below & smile for a pic… They’re about to put your face in the dictionary next to the word STUD!


“I love you to the core”



NOTE FROM WAY FM: “These tips are terrible & should not be used under circumstances… Thank you & God Bless. 

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