3 Not So Easy Tips to Be Your Best Self This Year (That Actually Work!!)

These are 3 not so easy tips to be your best self this year! You notice I said, “not so easy.” None of these are going to be quick fixes, but they are going to work.

This goes along with WAY-FM’s 21-Day Challenge happening right now. They say it takes 21 days to make any habit part of your life. Try listening to WAY-FM for 21 days as you conquer your goals and watch how it changes your entire attitude for the better! After listening to WAY-FM for 21 Days straight, you’re going to be uplifted!

A little over a year ago, I went to pick up my little girl and I felt the aches and pains, man! I started to realize, I didn’t want to be tired and feel old every time I went to play with my girls. So, I decided to go all in, make some tough changes, and become the best version of myself in 2018! Let me tell you… 2018 was an awesome year because of it!! Today I’m sharing with you 3 major things I learned that make all the difference.

So, maybe you want to try one of these tips – maybe you want to try all three! Give it 21 Days.

It’s going to be so good, trust me!


Tip 1: Wake Up Early!

Yes, you! Wake up super-duper early! I love sleeping in, I do, but I wake up a 4:15am. It’s the only time of peace you may get the entire day if you want to invest in yourself. I get up, I read my devotional, I’ll do my workout, and by the time the kids get up, it’s all done! Oh, and no phone!

You just feel better about yourself, that you got a head start on everybody else! (For the most part. Not on me if you’re getting up early, I’m still up too!) Figure out what your hour is and start to wake up early. It will change everything!

Tip #2: Take Cold Showers

I can’t take credit for this one. It happened by mistake one day. The hot water heater wasn’t working and I had to take a cold shower. Ooo, it was terrible! But after the shower was over, I felt great! The rest of the day was so great!

I started to do some research and sure enough, there’s all kinds of health benefits to taking a cold shower! Don’t take my word for it. I’m just some dude on your screen right now. You can go google it! There is endless amounts of research about circulation and how it makes your brain more active. When I take a cold shower, for the rest of the day, I’m more alert and I’m happier.

Tip # 3 Learn to Start Over

This one is great. Listen, that moment after you’ve made a bad choice, especially when you’re in a self-improvement phase for your life. Say for example, a cheeseburger organically comes into your world, and you eat it. And then you start to logic with yourself and play this game of: “Well you know, I’m just gonna start eating heathy next week!”

Then what happens is, you’ve got 3 days of bad eating under your belt as opposed to just 1 meal.

You’re gonna mess up! Make peace with that! But the moment after the mess up, you’ve got to master that ability to start over right then at the moment as soon as the mistake is over! It will take your life game from 2 to a 10.

So, there you go those are my 3 not so easy tips to be your best self this year.

Make sure you join the 21-Day Challenge!

Let the positive music on WAY-FM change your entire mood as you go out and conquer your goals this year!

Now you’ve got all the information and you know what they say – knowledge is power. Power is good. With power comes change. You’re gonna change! You’re gonna be so good! This blog post is gonna make you so good!

I cannot wait to talk to you next year.

The you one year from right now is going to be so good.

I can see it right now! Man! You look great.

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