3 Reasons Justin Bieber’s New Song Made Me Cry

Crying at a Justin Bieber song? Really?

I’m as surprised as you are. This new collaboration he did with Tori Kelly and Chandler Moore called “Where Do I Fit In” paints the exact picture of Jesus that I need right now and maybe you do too. For these 3 reasons I needed to hear this song and it brought me to tears.

1. I forget how tender God can be.

So much of the world is hard and harsh. Love comes with conditions and sometimes we think our God is like that too, but He is not. Jesus is the true author of unconditional love. I needed to hear that phrase “It’ll be alright” because so much is not alright around and in me. God knows our hurts and struggles. If he saw me in my mother’s womb and knows the number of the hairs on my head then he knows what my heart worries about but my mouth would never speak. This song painted the image of God sitting in the scared place I often find myself in and tenderly reassuring me that with Him it WILL be alright. This reminded me that Jesus gets the final word on everything. Death is not the end and will not defeat us as we belong to Him.

Isaiah 55:7b

“Let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.”

2. I needed to be reminded of God’s promises.

The last part of the song literally lists God’s promises to us. I forget that the God of the universe who ALWAYS keeps his promises has made some to us.

  • I won’t go anywhere
  • You’re in the palm of my hand
  • My arms are wrapped around you
  • Your past is forgiven
  • Your future is secure
  • I forgive you
  • I am your friend who sticks closer than a brother
  • My mercies are new for you each morning

That list alone brings me to tears. We forget these are ours to cling to, but this song brought them bursting into my day!

Isaiah 41:13

“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

3. It helped me take a deep breath and trust God.

There is a part of me that trusts in God and a sinful part of me that does not. Maybe you are like me. You trust God to a point, but then you are hypervigilant just in case he doesn’t come through in the way you believe He should. This is exhausting. Lack of trust in God and His ways being perfect has caused me insomnia and PLENTY of anxiety. When the song said “Sleep soundly my child, it will be alright” it felt as if God was saying that directly to me. God is trustworthy. If he can hold our future and forgive our past then He can handle our present problems and fears.

“Where Do I Fit In” felt like an exhale that I needed. See if it feel the same way to you.


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