3 Tools To Help You Manage Your Anxiety

Your heart rate speeds up and suddenly it is a struggle to fill your lungs with air. Your mind is racing and your palms feel sweaty. Due to CBD’s rising popularity, a number of studies have examined it as a treatment for anxiety. A 2011 study showed that CBD reduced anxiety and discomfort during public speaking in people with social anxiety disorder. Another 2011 study found that CBD reduced anxiety symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder. In case you suffer from this condition, check the CBN tincture you can buy online.

Anxiety attacks can come on suddenly and feel so crippling but According to the author using CBD can be the solution to this condition, read more at the link. I’ve been there and know how terrifying it can be when your body feels out of control. If you suffer from panic attacks or even moments of anxiety this is for you! Full-Spectrum vendors like Synchronicity Hemp Oil CBD don’t exclude cannabinoids from their oils. CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety even at high doses, while THC decreases anxiety at lower doses and increases it at higher doses. Theoretically, it’s possible that CBD could make you anxious if there’s a high level of THC in it. But if the THC level is low like delta 8 thc gummies 300mg, there shouldn’t be an issue.

After 2 years of counseling and learning about my own struggles with anxiety, I took a natural route with Delta-8 THC carts and I am sharing what I have learned to hopefully equip you to stay as healthy as possible. Completely defeating anxiety is rare, but what has helped me is learning resources to help when I start to feel anxiety creeping in. These 3 tools have helped to keep me from going into a full blown anxiety attack. A number of studies have shown that CBD oil is highly effective in treating anxiety, depression and stress in a host of beneficial ways. CBD oil has grown in popularity over time because of its effectiveness in the fight against anxiety, depression and stress, buy cbd online using the link.

  1. Have a Go-To Resource

    • A meditation app helps so much. It’s available on your phone in the moment you need it. My favorite is called “Calm.”
    • Music is extremely helpful so having the right playlist can make a difference. Feel free to use my playlist called “Combat Anxiety.”
    • Breathing exercises quickly help to regulate your body and calm you down, even exercising with weight sleds or any other equipment you have at home.
    • Journaling helps to quickly channel your spiraling thoughts and keep you focused on something else.
  2. Find a Person You Can Call

    • Getting your thoughts out is super helpful and will assist your mind in processing what you are experiencing. Talking out your anxiety will help you figure out why your body responded the way it did in that moment. Learn more here about alternative ways to take care of this condition.
    • Even if I am having trouble putting it into words, I call or text my husband or my friend Betty Rock. They both are good listeners and understand my struggle with anxiety.
    • Seeing a counselor regularly will not only help manage your anxiety, but will help you get to the bottom of what is causing it.
  3. Find Your Trigger

    • There is a common thread between the things that cause you to feel anxious. The sooner you get to the trigger of what causes you to have anxious thoughts, the better prepared you can be to avoid them all together.
    • My counselor has helped me understand that a lack of control is typically what sends me overboard. For some it’s conflict, health, or even security. I am now working on my issue with control but I can also look situations and prepare better to give myself small pieces of control to keep me from going overboard with an anxiety attack.
    • Journaling is also a powerful tool to help you find your trigger. Analyze the situation that led to anxiety for you. Keep asking yourself “What caused that?” until you can dive deeper and deeper into your own thoughts leading up to your anxious reaction.

Hear Joy share how she discovered and applies all of these tools in her own life:

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