5 Ways to Handle Anxiety in 2022

62% of Americans feel more anxious now than they did a year ago.

If you clicked on this, I’m guessing you fit into that percentage. Something about the craziness of pandemic and all the other emotional things that we’ve faced stir up uncertainty and anxiety.

I can feel it building in the pit of my stomach. When my palms get sweaty and my chest gets tight, I know I am about to have an anxiety attack. However, I want 2022 to be different! Since I’m been battling anxiety for years, I’ve learned what kind of things help. Here is my tool kit for 2022. I hope you find some of these resources helpful as well! I

  • Music

The right playlist can slow your heart rate and keep your thoughts from spiraling. These songs help me by pointing me back to Jesus. They calm my spirit and swirling thoughts.

  • 52 Lists for Calm

    The tools in this guided journal mirror many practices I have learned in professional counseling.

  • Breathing- 4-7-8

The way you breath when anxiety hits is everything! Completely empty your lungs of air, then breath in to the count of 4. Hold that breath to the count of 7. Then slowly release the air to the count of 8 and repeat. This slows your heart rate and helps reset your system.

  • Get Biblical Truth In

Check out our video series on fear and be encouraged that you are not alone in your feelings of anxiety. God will meet you there, but can also bring you peace.

  • Talk to Someone

Whether it’s a friend or a professional, bringing your fears and anxious thoughts out into the open often helps you see what could be causing your anxiety. Sharing consistently with someone allows them to point out unhealthy patterns in your thinking that can changed with a little practice. I see a Christian counselor regularly who has changed my life with the tools she has shared!

If you feel like you have no one to talk to, we have spiritual counselors available 24/7 to chat with online. Then can just listen or remind you of God’s truth and love for you in the midst of your anxiety. It’s totally free to log on and talk to them anytime!

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