Guess the Gender of Joy’s New Baby!

Vote on which gender you think Joy’s baby will be.

Here are Joy’s ‘At Home Gender Test Results’ to help you make your guess:

Baking Soda Test: combining baking soda and mother’s urine if it fizzes it means boy: BOY

Acne Test: they say baby girls steal mother’s beauty: GIRL

Cravings: sweet foods means a girl while salty equals a boy: BOY

Chinese Gender Predictor: based on the ancient Chinese gender calendar: GIRL

Ring Test: Wedding ring hung above mom’s belly swings back and forth then girl but a circle is a boy: GIRL 

Swelling: Swollen legs and ankles are said to mean boy while no swelling is girl: GIRL

Headaches: No headaches mean girl but frequent headaches equals a boy: BOY

Heart rate: Below 140 bpm means a boy while above means a girl: GIRL

Skin: soft skin means a girl while dry hands means a boy: BOY

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