Keep Your Summer Sweat Free With Joy’s Deodorant Review

Joy here and the deodorant isle in the drug store has gotten out of control! There are hundreds of options now from all natural, to gel, to stick, to sprays; and choosing is overwhelming. So I decided I would test out several deodorants for you and share the result! It’s been next to impossible for me to find a deodorant that keeps me fresh and sweat free all summer. I will be continually testing and trying new new brands and types of deodorant until I find the best one, so comment below with the next kind I should try.

Below you will find my 1-5 ratings on each and a short podcast episode featuring each deodorant type.

Degree Motion Sense

Application: 4.5


Sweat Protection: 5


Stink Protection: 4


Dr. Teal’s Aluminum Free

Application: 1


Sweat Protection: 3


Stink Protection: 4


Native Aluminum Free Deodorant

Application: 2


Sweat Protection: (Non-applicable) *Listen to Podcast clip for more


Stink Protection: 3


 Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Application: 4.50


Sweat Protection: 3


Stink Protection: 3


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