Brand New Fan Theories from the Latest Frozen 2 Trailer

Joy here and new fan theories are swirling every since the new trailer for Frozen 2 dropped. Here are theories being discussed and even a few of my own created from the new trailer including teasers about the history of Arendalle and possibly even Elsa and Anna’s parents!

Theory #1: This is Elsa and Ann’s Dad as a kid.

Clue- This photo of a young boy who looks so much like a young King Agnarr and he is wearing royal looking attire.

 Theory #2: This is Anna and Elsa’s Mom as a kid.

Clue- This young girl has red hair just like Anna and seems crucial to the story. We also see her later in the trailer as if she is walking into the castle with a group from the forest.

Theory #3: Baby Sven is featured being carried by the girl that may be Elsa and Anna’s Mom!

Clue: Looks just like Sven and this close up of the girl makes her almost identical to Anna.

 Theory #4: Kristoff is going to propose!

Clue- Fans say this is a moment teasing a proposal featured in the trailer, but I see no ring in Kristoff’s hands! It’s possible but Disney could have erased the ring from the trailer so we didn’t know too much. Kristoff is definitely holding something that appears to be invisible!

Theory #5: The same power that Pocahontas seemed to interact with called the “Colors of the Wind” is the same power that Elsa uses and interacts with.

Clue- Both come from nature and show themselves through leaves in the wind. There are even leaves at the end of the preview around the Frozen logo! Is Mother Willow behind all of this??

Theory #6: Merida and the Disney movie “Brave” may have taken place in the same area as this new “magical forest” that is mentioned.

Clue- The stone henge type stones we see look very familiar from the movie Brave!

From “Brave”:


Theory #7: Elsa and Ann’s mother chose to marry the royal prince and ended up locked outside the magical forest never to be reunited to her family.

Clue- The look on her face in the story telling scene lets us know she knows more than they’ve told the girls. If she is the red headed girl from the preview then it would prove she grew up there. Clearly there is a cure that does not allow people to easily cross from the forest into Arrendalle. Maybe the reason Elsa was able to cross into the forest at all could be because she is a blood relative to the people….oh and magic!

Frozen 2


Which of these theories do you think are true and are there any I missed?

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