2,996 Prayers to Remember 2,996 Victims of 9/11


None of us will ever forget where we were the day the first airplane hit the World Trade Center. That day 20 years ago struck fear in us like we have never known. So many victims. So much loss. However, it also brought out the American spirit in full force. We came together as one and showed what makes American truly great- our rugged optimism. We vowed to not let the victims be forgotten.

I remember visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum and sitting in the room where they show the photos of those who lost their lives that day. I was mesmerized. I wept and prayed and stayed as long as I could. I didn’t want to miss one face or one name.

One way we can honor the victims today is to share a prayer for each one of their families. You can find a list of the names here if you want to pick one specifically or you can submit your own prayer on our prayer wall.

Prayer wall 

Let’s add kindness to this awful tragedy. After 9/11 we came together and man, we could use some of that unity now. Let’s come together again to PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER. On our WayFM prayer wall you can submit a request for you or for one of those effected by 9/11. You can also pray for another request you see. When you click “I prayed for this” that person will be notified by text or email that they were just prayed for. This is how we do some good on the 20th anniversary of a horrible day. We love one another and come together in prayer!

Let’s say 2,996 prayers today. Can you be one?

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