The One Lie You Believe That Keeps You From Being Confident

A photo by Caleb Frith.

She has got it all.

You know the girl. The one with perfectly manicured nails, the flawless makeup, the body that looks like she never leaves the gym, and the man who seems like prince charming on her arm.

We look at this girl and we quickly notice that we are NOT this girl. We know our mess and our flaws.

But something in us wants to be her. We figure she must be so happy with her life. She is bound to be so secure and confident in herself!

However…If we looked a little closer and we could actually see the shape her heart is in, I bet we wouldn’t be envious of her at all. Because first of all, keeping up that kind of appearance can be exhausting. Second, she is probably looking at someone else thinking they have “it all” and she still doesn’t.

We all carry insecurity in different forms, but I know something that all of us with insecurity share: our “false idea of fulfillment.”

False Idea of Fulfillment- the incorrect view that attaining one specific thing would change our life for the better and bring more security and fulfillment.

Identifying this “false idea” is the beginning of rooting it out of your life and being fully secure and confident!

My false idea of fulfillment is : THE PERFECT BODY.

I have always struggled with my weight and somewhere along the line I started to believe that my whole life would be better if I had the perfect body. I thought if I was skinny then shopping would actually be fun, I would have more friends, I would be more successful, and I would finally feel good about myself.

Saying this out loud helps me realize that it is NOT TRUE! But I live as if it is!

Insecurity is something we all deal with, but there is at least one main thing that you are putting your hope in to make you secure. Maybe your “false idea of fulfillment” is:

  • Wealth
  • The Perfect Man
  • The Ultimate Job
  • The Bigger House

We think if we can just get that thing then suddenly we will be confident and secure.

But our security is not a situational problem it’s a heart problem.

I was convinced that having the perfect body would get me happiness and fulfillment. But I see girls who actually have what people would consider “the perfect body” and under the surface they are just as insecure as the rest of us. That’s why insecurity is so hard to nail down. It looks different for each of us, but identifying the lie that is your “false idea of fulfillment” could be freeing!

Follow the thought process of actually attaining that THING. What kind of new insecurities would you find there? I actually journaled this week about what my life would look like if I had the perfect body. I realized if I had what I wanted then I would start to wonder if I had a man, friends, and success just because of my looks. EVEN attaining that coveted thing would send us back to the insecurity wheel if we don’t deal with our HEARTS!

So what is your “false idea of fulfillment?”

Say it out loud or comment with it below.

Identifying it is the first step to conquering it and realizing why this thing is truly FALSE. Then start to see true confidence and security is only found in God. See yourself as He does. Accept your flaws and know that he loves you the same with or without your THING.

I will never have the “perfect body” because I am simply made curvy and that is ok. I really don’t need skinniness to be secure and neither do you! I can find confidence in a God who is crazy about me and thinks I’m already incredibly beautiful inside and out!

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