The Truth Behind The Perfect Family Photo

Exhibit A: My 2 sweet daughters Amelia (3) & Emma (8 months).

Beautiful, right? This was the pic I posted on Facebook Easter Sunday.  Tons of LIKES later I feel the need to blow the lid off how this pic came to be…

Exhibit B: The Camera Reel inside my phone…

Life is not perfect & neither is the Easter Sunday Facebook pic. My kids were squirming around like crazy!.!.!. There were tears, confusion & the entire thing…(aside from the photo posted)…was pretty much a hot mess! At one point my 3 year old, Amelia tried to jump in the pool!…

Weeks later the dust has settled & I’m starting to see the pic thru a different lens… I kinda think the story of chaos behind the scenes makes it even more beautiful!… My wife & I earned this pic!  My fellow parents know this story all too well… The taking of 60 & posting of 1. And trust me, I’m not trying to to blow anyone’s cover here. Just hoping we can bond thru the chaos!




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