The Way You Sleep Says More About You Than You Realize

The way to sleep can actually reveal things about your personality! Comment and tell us if your sleep position gets your personality right!

The Fetal Position

This is the protection sleeping position, typical for how babies are positioned in the womb and is actually how most people sleep. It says you are ready to take on the world when you wake up. These sleepers are typically introverted and like to protect themselves emotional. They are level headed and love deeply.

The Trunk

This is the carefree sleeper. These sleepers are relaxed and easy to get along with. They love to enjoy life and friendships with others. However they tend to be naive about life and trust people too quickly.

The Speaker

This is the go-getter sleeping position. These people are extroverted, ready for anything, and always on their toes. They are brain stormers who can sometimes put work before relationships. They are friendly by nature but can be critical of others.

The Soldier

This is the reserved sleeper. This person is focused but tends to be more introvert. These people are well rounded in life. Goals are their focus and they tend to be hard on others but hardest on themselves.

Face Down

This sleeper is fearless. They tend to be impulsive and love life. These people easily accept others but can have big personalities and be intense.


This is the positive sleeper. They are energetic and love the truth in all things. However, they tend to want to be the center of attention. This sleeper also is a good listener


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