Dads Share What They Really Want For Father’s Day


We polled the Dad’s from our WAYFM audience and asked them about the best gifts they have ever received and here are our top answers:


1. Tickets to a Sporting Event- Several dads shared that they loved sports! They loved it when their kids gave them tickets to a game because it meant quality time and making a memory with their child while seeing their team.

2. A Gadget to Make His Life Easier– One dad could not get over his automatic garage door opening on his shed! It made getting his riding lawn mower out so easy that he thinks of his kids and his wife who had it installed every time he pushes the button.

3. An Experience With You- Skydiving is in the future for one daughter and her dad. She called to say her dad only wanted to do something new with her to spend quality time with her and share a new experience.

4. A Grill- Even though I thought this was a stereotypical gift, dads said they loved receiving it! Food brings people together and apparently making delicious food over hot flames makes dads feel awesome!

5. Outdoor Activity Gear– One of my favorite quotes from a dad was, “I just want the love of my children for Father’s Day….but a fishing pole thrown in wouldn’t hurt too.” If your dad is into hunting, fishing, or even camping, the marquee hire brisbane  will make them so excited to continue do what they love! A 3 gallon water container is a great gift too. It will be just enough to last 2 campers for a single day.

6. A Card or Letter – Some dads love words that affirm their positive role in your life. One dad said that he received a letter from his son that thanked him for the unconditional love displayed in their relationship. It was his favorite gift of all time. Our words hold so much power so tell your dad what he means to you!

Ultimately, no one knows your dad better than you! So choose what shows you care and appreciate him. Any gift from the heart will mean so much.

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