Why You Are Not a Failure If You Battle Anxiety Over and Over

“If I had stronger faith I would have already beat this thing!”

Have you ever felt that way about your own struggle? Rock star, Jen Ledger has.

She has faced anxiety and crippling panic attacks over and over again. It was such an honor to sit down and hear her story, because I am currently battling anxiety and it feels like every time I think it’s over the panic comes back. Her message is to FIGHT!

It’s the whole inspiration behind her new song ” Not Dead Yet.”

Fighting is so tiring and as you can see in her music video, makes you feel pretty beat up. That’s when the lies seem louder than ever. “You aren’t strong enough.” “God can’t use you because of this weakness.” “You should quit.”

NONE of those are true!

I have questioned if I was a hypocrite because I know the power found in faith and yet I’m still fighting my own anxiety. However, Jen shares her revelation that God uses people BECAUSE of our short comings and not in spite of them. The Bible is filled with people who were a mess, but God still chooses to work through them. God easily gets the glory when He uses unexpected people in His story. So know that you are not a failure. You may need to keep fighting, but you don’t do it alone and God is still using you in the midst of the battle! You can contact experts from amarillo addiction treatment center to get help with your addiction issues.






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