10 Photos of Dominican Republic: From Paradise to Poverty

If you’re planning your next vacation, you may consider some amazing places in the Dominican Republic. And rightly so! This country is stunning!

I recently experienced the Dominican Republic from behind a camera lens. What I found was intriguing, sobering, and ultimately, beautiful. Take the journey with me in these photos.

“Contrast” – Gualey, Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic – beautiful and vibrant! But also impoverished. A family in less than desirable circumstances showed us their gorgeous view of the river, but right down the hill were also the slums where even worse poverty exists. What contradiction.

“Paradise” – San Pedro de Macoris

I wasn’t lying. This could be a fantastic vacation spot!

“Poverty” – Campo Lindo La Caleta

I wasn’t kidding about this either. There is dire poverty just a bus ride away.

“Get-Away” – San Pedro de Macoris

Literally the perfect spot to take a nap, right?

“Home” – Campo Lindo La Caleta

They were excited to finally have beds. (Thanks to Compassion International.)

“Camera” – Villa Juana, Santo Domingo

Visiting new, brightly colored streets will never get old for me, but here in Villa Juana, I was told, “Be careful with that camera. That camera is food for someone here.” This city is no stranger to crime.


How would you like to make dinner in this Dominican family’s kitchen? (I stole this photo from Zach!)

“Hope” – Uburbanizacion Mallen, San Pedro de Macoris

The Compassion Project in San Pedro de Macoris – one oasis of many inciting real change. Each project is a place where children in poverty are loved, kept off the streets, and taught about the love and life-change of Jesus.

“Love” – Campo Lindo La Caleta

Through a strong relationship with the children, Compassion reaches out to the families, helping with physical, financial, and spiritual well-being.

“Compassion” – Villa Juana, Santo Domingo

Even if mom or dad aren’t always present, even if there isn’t always enough food, even if they are behind in school, these kids can know for sure – things can get better. When someone like you sponsors a child through Compassion International, that’s one more person saying, “You are loved! You can do it! You can break the cycle of poverty.”

Central America is a beautiful place, but the strength and love I see in Compassion workers, sponsors, and children is even more beautiful.

Feel free to click the button below to see more photos of kids and consider becoming a sponsor to one of them.

Thank you for taking this photo-journey with me.

Sponsor a Child

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