14 Simple Ways to Show You Care

presentWe asked you to tell us about a time you felt loved. Here’s 14 ways to love, as told by our readers. 🙂

1. Happy Just Because Day!

“The nicest thing someone has done for me was to give me a gift. It was on a random day and I was so surprised and enjoyed the gift.”

2. Communicate Regularly

“When we were dating, my husband didn’t have a house phone so he would drive down the road to a pay phone to call … in the rain, sleet and snow. When he proposed, he took me to “our” pay phone and asked me to marry him. We have been happily married going on 15 years.”

3. Plan a Special Event

“My son, Elisha, got with a few of my church friends and set up a 50th Birthday SURPRISE party. I never had anyone care that much and show that much love. God was definitely there.”


4. Show Compassion

“My supervisor let me have all the time off I needed to take care and be with my dying husband. Even though I was out for two months, they held my job for me.”

5. Invest Quality Time

“The most romantic thing anyone has done for me was to move to Kansas from Georgia to be with me.”

6. Go the Extra Mile…Literally

“My husband followed me to a gas station and filled up my car during a blizzard when I was eight months pregnant.”

7. Say What You Feel

“My husband has told me every day of our marriage how beautiful I am.”

Asian Family Sitting At Table Eating Meal Together

8. Give the Gift of Relaxation

“My family made me dinner, cleaned the house and did all the laundry while I was at work. When I got home, I was served dinner and could sit and relax.”

9. Practice Patience

“My husband is always making sure I have everything I need to work, even though I come off as ungrateful or hurried. He is always patient with me. If that is not romantic, I do not know what is.”

10. Put Down Your Phone

“Back when my husband and I were dating, he called me one night when I got off work and said he was coming over to tell me something. He lived an hour away from me. When he got there, he told me that he loved me for the first time. It was so simple, but one of the most memorable moments in our relationship.”

Typing messages on a smart-phone. Shallow depth of field.

11. Offer to Pray & Follow Through

“When I was 18 and just starting college, I had been visiting my parents and was driving back to my dorm when my car caught on fire! I quickly pulled into a restaurant parking lot, ran in and asked them to call 911. The fire department quickly put out the fire, but my car was completely destroyed. I felt horrible because it was my parents’ and they gave it to me so I could have a means of transportation. I was sitting in a corner of the restaurant crying when a gentleman leaned over and said quietly in my ear, “I am so sorry, I will pray for you. It’s going to be OK.”

Those words meant more to me than he could have imagined. God spoke to me and let me know everything was going to work out. Changed my life! The miraculous part was that I actually ran into the person a month later in a restaurant where he was working. He remembered me and paid for my food!! I thanked him and told him what an impact he’d had in my life. Amazing how God works!”

12. Make a Lasting Commitment

“The most romantic thing anyone has done for me was to marry me.”



13. Listen and Respond

“My family and I went to Walmart to get our layaway. While we were in the line waiting, there was a lady that was chatting with my 2-year-old and my 1-year old. When I got to the register, the lady that was behind me stepped up to me and said, “Are you picking up a layaway?” I said, “Yes ma’am.” Her response was to tell me that she was here to pay off my layaway. So she did … God knows our struggles in life and He knows what we need and when.”

14. Share WAY-FM

Listeners like you tell us every month about the impact WAY-FM has in their life. We are blessed by the way that God uses this ministry to reach people in difficult situations.

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