Her Husband Passed Away at the Worst Time, but God Was There in a Song.

Kathy’s story is what WAY-FM is all about. She sat down to tell us how WAY-FM is helping her get through one of the most difficult times in her life.

She says, “About 6 months ago, my husband of 30 years passed away. My whole family was there for the wedding and it just happened that he lost his battle with cancer at the same time. He passed away on a Monday, my daughter was married that Friday, and we had his funeral on Saturday.

I remember hearing Kari Jobe on WAY-FM singing “I Am Not Alone.” That was my anthem for the first several months. And now, there’s a song called “Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson and it just tells you about how even thought your sails are torn, God’s still gonna be your anchor and God’s still gonna be there for you.

If you listen to the music, it’s uncanny how a song can speak to you and you feel like it’s God talking to you… I’m so grateful the station is there.”

Hear Kathy tell her whole faith story in this inspiring video. 


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