How Almost Hitting a Little Bird Actually Made My Day Better


I had just finished reading an update on the financial crisis now crippling much of the world along with a warning of what may be coming to America. It doesn’t take a financial specialist to predict, with the exceptional debt that our nation finds itself in and the personal debt many of us hold as well, that without a turn around tough times are a comin’.

But as I listened to this report, it was followed with the reminder I should be preparing. Not that I’m certain what preparing looks like. Gold ETFs? Mattress? Stockpile of food? Ammo? My heart was gripped with fear as I drove the winding Franklin, Tennessee back roads to my home. I know that kind of chest tightening fear isn’t from my Father. So I simply asked, “Lord, what are you speaking to me? What do you want me to hear from you in this financial season of uncertainty and climate of panic and prediction and yet plausibility? What are you saying to me?”

About that time a bird flew across my path and my body tightened even more as I knew there was no way it hadn’t gotten a good taste of my bumper. I slowed, praying out loud that the little birdy was safe.

I looked in my rearview certain that all of Tweety Bird’s feathers were going to be flying above the pavement only to see Birdy-Bird sitting in the road. He gave himself a quick shake, kind of like my Shih-Tzu does right after a good rub, and then flew off. As quickly as he flew away, this scripture flew into my spirit. “What is the price of two sparrows—one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” Matthew 10:29-31 (New Living Translation)

Tucked inside this chapter, Jesus tells His disciples how they weren’t to be concerned about money or clothes for their journey or how persecution was going to come. These were words of comfort.

And, as quickly as I had asked my heavenly Father regarding the need for my own provision, He spoke to my heart. He cared about that bird. Its rise. Its fall. He saw it. But me and you…oh, wow, we are more valuable than had I hit a flock. So valuable He knows every detail of our existence.

The comfort in that moment was exponential. I had just asked a question. And honestly had I not hit that bird, I’m not sure my heart would have heard him so clearly, so quickly. I’m trusting Tweety Bird made it out okay too because my heart was given great peace.

Friends, this world is spiraling quickly. I’ve said numerous times over the last few months that I have never in my life seen events that seem to be preparing the return of Jesus occur so rapidly. But in the middle of the uncertainty that crashes as if at tsunami speed, I am comforted that our Father sees us. And He cares. Oh, how He cares. Take comfort in that word.

If you want to prepare for some of the “what if’s” I see nothing wrong with that either. But when fear of the future grips, it is a comfort to know that the One who holds that future, the entire world, nation, created world…finds us more valuable than anything else He ever spoke life into.

So don’t be afraid.

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(Photo by Kelly Colgan Azar)

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