How to Pray for the Lives Affected by Hurricane Harvey

You’re seeing lots of coverage about Hurricane Harvey tearing through Texas. But it can be hard to know how to pray for those involved.

Listen or read our prayer for Houston and the surrounding areas and consider joining us in prayer today.

Father, we ask for relief for those impacted by this storm. We thank you that the winds were less severe than predicted and also ask you to lessen the rainfall in Houston and the surrounding areas. God, we ask for protection for those who have lost their homes, for those affected by flooding, and for those who will be in the days ahead.

Father, use us as Your people to be a part of the solution there. Please bless the first responders and agencies working at this moment to rescue and bring hope in South Texas. God, we know you will use this for good. May You be glorified in the stories that emerge from this storm.

In Jesus Name,


If you need prayer or want to continue praying for those in need, check out the WAY-FM Prayer Wall by tapping the button below.

Post a prayer request and pray for those in need!


Image credit: The Weather Channel


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