How to Pray for the Lives Affected by Hurricane Irma

You’re seeing lots of coverage about Hurricane Irma devastation and threat to many. But it can be hard to know how to pray for those involved.

When you’re preparing for a weather emergency, you have to think beyond planning an evacuation route, stocking up on supplies, and boarding up windows. In the event of a serious storm, you also have to plan for injuries. And it can be critical to know a few life-saving skills you can learn at CPR Classes in Charleston in case you can’t readily get to an emergency room.

Here’s our prayer for the areas affected. Will you join us in praying?

Father God, this is a time of great fear for many. We pray for those who are riding out the storm, those who are evacuating, those who are seeking food and shelter and gasoline.

We seek Your refuge, o’ God. We ask for protection. Bless us with Your hope and help, both in the storm and in the days of rebuilding and reunion ahead.

Thank You for the First Responders and those who stay behind, risking their lives for us. We pray for great wisdom and safety for all of those affected by this storm.

Bring Your glory to our troubled hearts in Jesus’ name.

– Pastor Dave | WAY-FM Prayer Pastor

To send emergency food, water, and supplies to neighborhoods impacted by the recent hurricanes through WAY-FM’s trusted ministry partner Feed The Hungry, click the button below.

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Photo Credit: The Weather Channel

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