No easy answers in the face of evil

The Bible doesn’t avoid what happened last night, so I know God doesn’t avoid what happened last night.

Is the book of Psalms, David grapples with, “God, where are you?” “Why is this happening?” “Where did you go?” “How come you didn’t step in in this situation?”

I actually draw peace from that, even though I’d like things to be tied up in a bow.

Some people will do that to you. They’ll just figure it out; here’s a mathematical theological equation and there you go. Here’s why this happened.

But the Bible doesn’t do that. The Bible instead shows us that there is such a thing as Evil, and God’s gonna overcome it in the end.

And then it shows heroes of the faith who were very human, very broken, and interacted with God and asked Him those tough questions.

“Why did this happen?”
“Why did you allow it?”
“Where are you?”

And people grieve, they grieve deeply. It’s not just kicked under the rug. It’s very real.

I’m thankful for that. I thankful that God tolerates people like me and maybe you who struggle with that.

It also says, and here’s the best part, that He stores our tears in a bottle. That’s how much He cares about our pain and suffering.

It’s not that He doesn’t care. He cares. He knows the backstory. He knows what’s going on and He promises He’s going to set things right.

In the middle, which is where we are, is a thing called faith.

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