What Do I Do When My Plans Don’t Work Out?

Grace Thornton I Don't Wait Anymore

“What do I do now?”

For a lot of us, it’s a question that marks more than a moment — it marks a season.

We find ourselves in a place we never meant to be in, a place that looks completely different from what we’d planned for our lives.

And we don’t know what to do.

Sometimes that means you’re single and you thought you’d be married by now. Sometimes it means you thought you’d already be overseas, or have children, or that your life would just generally look different than it does.

And sometimes, whether we realize it or not, we end up wasting a lot of life while we’re waiting on things to be different or while we try to make them different ourselves.

But the thing is … we don’t have to wait. We shouldn’t wait. Every moment of every day, we’ve got reasons not to stay in a holding pattern.

1. Because God is worth our whole lives.

God isn’t elusive. He also isn’t MIA just because our lives don’t look the way we thought they would. The reality is … He’s there, and every second of every day He says we will grab hold of Him if we reach for Him with all our heart. But He doesn’t want us to seek Him for answers or so He can resurrect our broken dreams. He wants us to seek Him for who He is, for the complete love, peace and joy He has to offer us that has nothing to do with our circumstances. It’s from that place of trust and fulfillment that He can write our stories better than we could’ve dreamed for ourselves. That’s worth surrendering our dreams for. He’s worth it.

2. Because sitting still is never really an option.

Sometimes you may think you’re sitting still, stuck in a job or a life stage. But the truth is … we’re never really sitting still, even if it feels like it. We’re always going somewhere. Is that somewhere chasing hard after God and what He has for you? Because if that somewhere is sitting still and clutching your dreams, the reality is you’re actually moving further away from the complete joy available in God.

3. Because there’s a lot to do.

There’s a great big world out there, and God’s plan was always for us to enjoy it and to tell every people, tribe and language about Him, who He is and the full life He has to offer. God wants us to be whole in Him, but it’s not just about us … it’s about them too, the people who have never heard about what’s waiting for them. God restores us so we can know Him but also so they can too. They can’t wait forever.

So neither should we.


“I Don’t Wait Anymore: Letting Go of Expectations and Grasping God’s Adventure for You” is available at Barnes & Noble and other outlets. For a list of retailers, a free preview chapter and a video trailer, visit gracefortheroad.com/the-book.

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