It’s Time for You to Wake Up and Come Alive!

Lauren Daigle sings a haunting rendition of  her song, “Come Alive (Dry Bones).” This is her stunning live performance and the story inspiring the song.


We talked with Lauren and Michael Farren, a friend who co-wrote “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” with her. They told us the personal story from the day this song came to life.


You kind of went into telling a story about a friend… and just the struggle and the wrestling of wondering if God is who He says He is and the family involved and praying for him… It just stirred up – let’s write an anthem that puts courage in the hearts of people praying for prodigals.


“…A lot of the time we see these prodigals step away from the Lord and we see them come out with rebellious activities… the church has a great “point-finger” mentality. Look at that person… look at their behavior… instead of embracing and saying, ‘No, I’m gonna speak life over you. I’m gonna call out those places that have withered up in your heart and I’m gonna say, no we’re not gonna surrender here.’ And champion that prodigal on…. ‘The faithful prayer of a righteous man availeth much.’

What do you see when you see the parents of those kind of children pleading on behalf of God, but you don’t see a turn in the prodigal’s life? What happens them? A lot of times, we can come off with scrutiny and judgement in those situations, but in that moment, we felt like the Lord was saying, ‘No, call up the church to be warriors and intercessors against that judgement and against that area…”


“…That passage in Ezekiel was really stunning to me… The Lord asks Ezekiel, ‘Do you think these bones can live?’ And he says, ‘Only you know, sovereign Lord.’ And it says, You prophecy and I’ll breathe. That’s basically what it comes down to. But it requires in us an actual boldness to step out and go, ‘No! You come back…”

Hear the full interview on the More Than the Music Podcast.

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