Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas From Teachers

Teacher Appreciation week is almost here! Last time I bought a gift for my son’s teachers it was rather expensive and I filled a basket with goodies like chocolates, spa items, candles, and coffee mugs. Later a teacher friend of mine expressed that I bought all the things teachers DO NOT WANT. To ensure a home run gift this time, I took to social media to ask teachers what they REALLY want.

Top Things Teachers Requested:

1. Notes of Appreciation- from the student or from the parent.

My favorite comment from a parents shared how she writes the principal or director every year to highlight the things she appreciates about her son’s teacher.

2. Gift Cards- some of the most popular mentions were Target, Starbucks, Amazon, and Grocery Stores.

Amazon gift cards were especially highlighted since teachers can use those for school supplies instead of many of them coming out of the teacher’s own pay check.

3. Well Behaved Students and Helpful Parents- while an intangible, its show how much our attitude, behavior, and interaction with the teachers and our kids really do impact the teachers so much.

This one is about a different mindset. Trying to see the teacher as your partner in doing what is best for your child.

Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

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