4 WAY-FM Songs That Sound Different When You Have The Flu

This flu season has been the worst EVER! Even if you haven’t had the flu, you’ve probably experienced another annoying sickness. I’ve had laryngitis. Ugh!

Of course, listening to WAY-FM can help you feel better but some song lyrics start to take on a different meaning when you’re sick. Here are a few examples.

1. Jonny Diaz – “Breathe”

I’m really trying to “just breathe” but I’m so congested right now.

2. NEEDTOBREATHE – “Hard Love”

“Hold on tight a little longer

What don’t kill you makes you stronger”

I want to believe you, NEEDTOBREATHE, but I have my doubts that this flu is going to make “stronger.”

3. Plumb – “God Help Me”

“Help me to move…”

After a few days of sickness, you pray just for the ability to move.

4. Chris Tomlin – “Home”

Everyone, including Chris Tomlin, is telling you to go home.

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