This One Thing Prevented Big Daddy Weave From Breaking Up and Changed Every Concert

Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave joins me on Episode 39 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share how praying for their audience changed the band and more of the stories behind “Beautiful Offerings: Deluxe Edition.”

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Mike says the band was burned out, on the verge of breaking up, and hated being around each other until they started being intentional about praying for one another and those who attend their concerts.

We were so ugly to each other and it was not something that we ever set out to be but the road was a place where we dried up. The Lord just began to bring revival when one night we just kind of shut everything down and just said, “If you’re hurting, we’d just love to pray for you because we’re hurting… we’re all hurting.” We just started praying for one person at a time. Jesus just began to move and just blow our minds.

It changed us from the inside out… where the road is actually where we go to thrive in the Lord now. It’s a 180° turn.

-Mike Weaver

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