What’s It Like For Mark Hall’s Wife To Be Casting Crowns’ “Mom-ager”?

Mark Hall, his wife Melanie, and the guys from Casting Crowns join me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind their album, “Thrive.”

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Melanie Hall shares how she handles being a wife, mom, the band’s manager, and working with Mark.

Melanie: It’s actually pretty cool because it’s great to get to be there with him and with everybody. I’ve been with these guys from the beginning. It’s pretty great to get to follow it along.

Mark: She’s been my left brain our whole time in ministry. She’s been keeping me in a job for years. I’m the “wouldn’t it be cool guy.” I’m the guy that all my ideas start with “wouldn’t it be cool” and then she figures out how it would work.

And, it looks like she has to put up with a lot…

Here I be! With my smokin hot hubby (this may or may not have been typed by said Hubby)

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Casting Crowns Thrive Cover

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