How Crowder’s “My Victory” Revealed My Self-Righteousness

Crowder joins me on Episode 37 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind his album, “American Prodigal.”

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Crowder’s song, “My Victory,” is currently my “stay in the car song.” Meaning, when it comes on WAY-FM, I stay in the car until it’s finished playing. Part of why it became my “stay in the car song” was what happened the first time I heard it. That day, I found out that a childhood friend had been arrested again for possession of drugs. He had just recently been released after serving time for the same charges and while in jail had accepted Jesus. After seeing his mugshot on Facebook, I shook my head and said to myself, “When is he going to get it together? Is he really doing this again?”

With this still on my mind, I got in my car and “My Victory” came on WAY-FM. Immediately, the first few lines hit me right in the face.

You came for criminals 

And every pharisee

You came for hypocrites

Even one like me

Those words reminded me that no matter how many times my friend may relapse, Jesus still came for him. Those words also revealed my self-righteous attitude. Here I was… shocked at what he did, questioning his faith, and wondering if he was ever going to “get it together.” Yet, my sin is no different. My mugshot wasn’t posted on Facebook but if my sin were made public, you would be just as shocked. I was the hypocrite. Thank goodness Jesus came for hypocrites too… even one like me.

Crowder says this about “My Victory.”

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