Hillsong UNITED: How Thinking Like A Child Can Help With Conflict

JD and Taya from Hillsong UNITED join me on Episode 52 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind their album, “Wonder,” and how a trip to the Middle East changed their perspective on conflict.


God made every single person. God loves every single person and He calls us to do the same. It’s easy not to do that because of the way people get portrayed on the news and stereotypes that, I think, we take onboard without even knowing it…

For us, we’ve been out of our depths in the last 18 months to 2 years, going to places like Lebanon, up to the boarder of Syria, Palestine…

We don’t have things in common with our faith and religion but what we have in common is that we’re humans…

Our kids will be friends with kids just on the preference that they are kids. Imagine if that’s how we as a society interacted.

-JD from Hillsong UNITED

“More Than The Music Podcast” Episode 52

Seeing the world with child-like faith is the inspiration behind their new song, “Wonder.”

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