How Lecrae Is Bringing Hope and Redefining “Christian” Music

Lecrae joins me on Episode 54 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share the stories behind his album, “All Things Work Together,” and how he feels, now more than ever, that his music is bringing hope to a dark world.


We discuss how recently some have criticized him for wanting to introduce his music to a different audience but how he sees an amazing opportunity.

Everyone’s not a pastor and everyone’s not a preacher but, at the end of the day, I did feel like I was called and led to be a light in dark rooms…

And, some people would say, “Well, your light’s not shining as bright it used to. You’re not talking about all these in-depth things.” Really, what I’m not doing is speaking Christianese, in some senses. What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that when you compare a flashlight to the light of the sun, of course, it looks very dim…

But, when you take a flashlight into a closet, it’s bright. And so, I’m taking this flashlight into a closet and it is shinning.

He also shares how labeling songs as “Christian music” might need deeper thought.

Candidly, when people say, “Do you do Christian music?”. I understand what they’re saying but I don’t think if we really drill it down, we know what that means…

Like, we know generally what it means but what makes it Christian music? Is it the music talks about Jesus? But, what if a non-believer makes a song talking about Jesus? Is it Christian music? Does the person making it have to be a Christian? Because we’ve seen lots of people come out and say, “I was never a Christian but I was just making this music.” So, were they making Christian music? But, what if a Christian talks about regular life in a very truthful way and stays true to their convictions and is not trying to violate the scriptures in any kind of way? Is that not Christian music?…

So, for me, I’m saying I’m going to push back on that. I am a Christian and I am trying to function through a world view that honors God and I’m going to write music from that.

His new song with Tori Kelly is definitely an anthem of hope and a reminder to never give up.

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