This New Passion Song Might Make You Jump Out Of Your Car

Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone, and Brett Younker from Passion join me on Episode 43 of the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind their album, “Worthy Of Your Name,” including how a song they sang in their car was later sung by 55,000 people.

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Kristian says the first time he heard the demo of “Glorious Day” he couldn’t contain his excitement.

We were writing for [Passion] conference and Jason [Ingram] (producer, songwriter, singer) is great friend and we’ve written a lot of songs together.

He said, “I’ve got this song started.” So, he played me the demo and it wasn’t finished. He had like part of the first verse and some of the chorus but you could just hear it. You could hear the excitement in it.

He had that line, “You called my name and I came running out of that grave.” I was like, “I am about to jump through the roof of your car right now!”

– Kristian Stanfill

55,000 people jump with him while singing “Glorious Day” at Passion Conference 2017!

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