This Sidewalk Prophets Song Was Inspired By Many Prayer Requests

Dave Frey and Ben McDonald from Sidewalk Prophets join me on Episode 36 of the “More Than The Music Podcast” to share what song was inspired by the many prayer requests they receive and more of the stories behind “Something Different.”

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Dave says their song “Prodigal” was written to address the most frequent prayer request they hear.

Our number one prayer request is pray for my son, my daughter. Pray for my mother or father even because they’re lost… because they’ve run away from home. They’re no longer in church. They’re doing their own thing… and that is hands down the number one prayer request.

So, it is so important for us to address that and to say, “Hey, listen! Here’s this story of this young man that was lost… this prodigal son.”

But when he got home, his father ran to him, threw his arm around him, forgave him entirely, and welcomed him back.

This is our song for our fans. For all those that are lost, today’s the day to come on back home.

– Dave Frey

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