Chad From Unspoken Shares What To Do When A Loved One Is Battling Addiction

Chad, Mike, Jon, Ariel, and Don from Unspoken join me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories from their brand new album, “Follow Through: Deluxe Edition.”

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Before Unspoken, Chad (frontman) struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction. From his experiences, he shares what we can do to help loved ones battling addiction.

I can say all the right things but my big thing is to really cry out to God and ask for the moving of his spirit…

There’s no quick fix. You’re not going to get somebody to do something they don’t want to do. It’s a working of the spirit. I can’t even take credit for who I am or where I am today because it’s God spirit in me…

Hope is something that us believers have. The hope that God can do more than we ask or imagine by his spirit that’s working.

-Chad from Unspoken

Chad says that many of Unspoken’s songs were written and inspired by how God pulled him out of addiction.

There’s nothing easy about overcoming addiction. Even after making the monumental step to get treatment, the addict eventually must go forward on their own, and that solo journey into a new future is difficult. New habits don’t come easily, nor do new friendships, mindsets or a sense of patience and grace for self. After residential or intensive day treatment, at the approach involves a 12-month program with multiple tools to help people continue their recovery with positivity and support. But the difficulties remain. Luckily, he found Renaissance Recovery and receive the right treatment to overcome his addiction. If you know someone who also needs help with recovery, you can reach out to Renaissance Recovery or view publisher site to learn more about them.


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