Darren from We Are Messengers Says He’s Needed “Magnify” Recently

Darren from We Are Messengers joins me on the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind their new self-titled album.

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Darren shares how “Magnify” is about putting God first in our lives, drawing closer to Him, and why it’s been a song his family has needed recently.

He doesn’t need anything from us to make him more “God,” but He desires to be intimate with us. And what blocks that… and for me in this season… what it has been is someone has hurt people that I love. And in this season it was, God, I need you to take my anger away, my thirst for justice, my frustration, my judgementalism… because it was making me hard and I was losing intimacy with God. And when you lose intimacy with God, you lose intimacy with your wife, with your babies, with your friends. And so, this song had to be the single right now primarily because it’s ministered to me and my wife and my babies.

– Darren from We Are Messengers

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