Summer SHOWdown Game 3: Wheelbarrow Minefield!

Which WAY-FM on-air team won the competition???

It’s the FINAL game in our WAY-FM Summer SHOWdown…the wheelbarrow minefield. Watch the video, and look below for instructions on bringing this summer fun to your backyard!

Here’s how you can play at home:

1. Choose a partner to be your wheelbarrow, a strong one like Kelly did, to make their way through the minefield. The wheelbarrow partner is blindfolded.
2. Make your way down the messy minefield, attempting to avoid the obstacles.
3. Switch partners at one end of the mine field if you want, then head back. If you have a super strong wheelbarrow and don’t want to switch, drop and do ten push ups, or do ten jumping jacks, then head back through.
4. The first team through the finish line wins!

Stuff you might need:

  • Ribbon or string to mark finish and start lines
  • Blindfolds
  • Pans to fill with messy stuff to create obstacles (whipped topping, spaghetti sauce, etc.)
  • Messy stuff to put in pans. The messier the better!

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