5 Behind the Scenes Instagrams You Might Have Missed

Ever wonder what the artist behind your favorite Way-FM song does when he or she isn’t on stage? Here’s are 5 behind the scenes moments showing us what goes on inside the tour bus, behind the green room door, and in between shows.

1. Colton Dixon’s Hair Product Extravaganza

If you’re a fan of Coloton’s, you know his hair is one of his defining features. We knew it was a work of art. Check out all the hair products it takes to keep his hair looking good.

colton dixon hair


2. Love & the Outcome’s Baby-friendly Green Room

Who says kids can’t go on tour? Husband and wife duo, Chris and Jodi, requested this nursery be put in their green room during one of their tours.

love and the outcome nursery

3. Meredith Andrews’s Extensive Sore Throat Remedies

You know when you have sore throat and you don’t feel like doing anything? Imagine if your voice was your job. Meredith Andrews goes to great lengths to care for her sore throat. She wants her voice to be in tip-top shape for her fans!

meredith andrews throat

4. Sidewalk Prophets being Welcomed by a Rooster

You never know what you’ll see on the next tour stop. Sidewalk Prophets posted this lovely “Welcome Rooster” from a stop in Phoenix, AZ.

sidewalk prophets rooster

5. Christ August and his “Snacket”

It’s no secret, Christ August loves candy. He takes his snacking very seriously while on the road and here’s a stylish jacket to prove it.

chris august snacket

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