5 of the Best Ways to Express Your Love of Early Christmas Music

To everyone who’s as excited as we are about listening to Christmas music this week, here 5 perfect sayings to share with your friends before Thanksgiving. Hover over the image that describes your mood today to share! Use the hashtag #WAYChristmas to celebrate with us!

1. For the multi-tasker

Everyone calm down – we’re not skipping Thanksgiving! We just happen to have enough love in our heart for BOTH holidays.
Multi-tasker meme

2. The real reason

No one can argue with this one. 😉 But truly, we should always be overjoyed to celebrate our beautiful Savior.
Celebrate Christ meme

3. Be thankful…

… that Christmas music exists in the first place! It’s so joyous!
Like if you're thankful meme

4. Just tell it like it is.

We love the feeling Christmas brings and we’re not afraid to say it!
I like my music jolly

5. Just so everyone knows what’s going on…

We’ve got your official license to start listening early with Christmas on WAY-FM!

Official Christmas license


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