5 New Songs That Will Make You Happy

Both the lyrics and the sounds – these new songs will make you happy! Hear them on WAY-FM starting now!

1. “Parachute” – Joshua Micah

“Even now in the darkest hour
I know that you’re hearing me…
You’re my parachute”


2. “Joy” – Jonny Diaz

“I’ve got joy down in my soul,
I’m gonna take it everywhere I go”


3. “Radiate” – Hannah Kerr

“No matter what comes my way
I’ll live my life
Radiate Your light”


4. “Tell Me” – Carrollton

“Tell me I am loved
Tell me I am known
That You died for me
I am not alone”


5. “Pieces” – by Chris August

“You don’t give your heart in pieces
You don’t hide yourself to tease us”


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