7 Reasons We Love Tenth Avenue North

In honor of the brand new Tenth Avenue North Album, “Cathedrals,” here are 7 reasons we’re big fans! Plus, if you scroll to the end, we’ll tell you more about a chance to win a free copy of their CD and a chance to see them live!

1. Their sense of humor

There are tons and tons of examples of Tenth Avenue North’s sense of humor. From Instagram, to you YouTube, to Twitter, these guys are always up for a good laugh. Here’s just one example:


2. They remind us not to take things for granted.

Many of the band’s songs, videos, and Facebook posts, bring attention to things that matter right here in our everyday lives. Their new album is no different. Check out their new song called, “Just Getting By.”


3. Their short, but surprisingly profound social media posts

Just follow them on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see what we mean.

4. They leaked their own album.

Usually when a band thinks of “leaking” their own album, it means someone has stolen their music and distributed it to the public before it’s even available in stores. That’s a bad thing. But Tenth Avenue North took it to the next level by giving everyone a taste of their music beforehand. Each day leading up to their album release on November 10th, they let people listen to a new song off of their album through their blog.

Tenth Avenue North Leak

5. Their video skills

Have you ever watched? These guys are constantly coming out with new videos that are both entertaining and thought provoking. And they’re well done!


6. They don’t take themselves to seriously.

There are enough silly, crazy pictures and videos of these guys on the internet to know that they’re pretty easy-going and tons of fun.
Tenth Avenue North Instagram

7. Did we mention their music?

TenthAveNorth_Cathedrals_cvr-loMinor detail here – but these guys are super musicians and writers! Check out their new album “Cathedrals!”

If you’d like to win a copy for FREE or see Tenth Avenue North in person, enter to win our Tenth Avenue North Grand Prize next time you hear one of their songs on WAY-FM!



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