An Honest Response to the Horrendous News About ISIS

We went to bed with yet another horrible story in the news about ISIS and 21 Christian martyrs.

It’s hard to read about. It’s easy to ignore. But it’s staring us in the face so we have to ask ourselves – how do we respond?

Several Christian music artists took to responding on Twitter. Their Tweets were surprisingly striking. They provided some real answers about where our minds should turn in light of this horrifying news. 

God is in control.

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North tweeted out Scripture and a reminder that God really is in control. We can’t lose sight of that truth even when we don’t understand.

They were beautifully sold out.

Natalie Grant was clearly heartbroken. She tweeted out a reminder – these 21 men were following Christ with their whole being. 

The work will go on. No matter what.

The band Unspoken – they responded with one simple tweet. It contained lyrics to a song off their album, but wow, it really packs a punch.

This song reminds us that God is still working. He will never be beaten no matter how much the enemy tries to strike us down.

Take a moment to listen to Chad sing the lyrics. Take a moment to honor those brothers who were willing to lay down their lives. Pray that believers around the world would have this much faith. Remember God is still on the throne. Praise Him.

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