Chris Tomlin Sums Up Christmas in the Most Beautiful Way

Chris Tomlin


What was the most enriching part of creating this album?

To find a way to write and lead songs in a way that helps people connect with God is always what it’s about for me. Christmas is so special – it’s a season that calls for singing. What a privilege to be a small part of that for people.

Do you have a favorite song? Tell us the inspiration and story behind it.

Impossible to choose one… I love “Adore” for its pure simplicity and worship. I love “Noel” because of it’s beautiful melody and Lauren Daigle’s performance. I love “A Christmas Alleluia” because the core of that song was an end of the night spontaneous moment. I love “He Shall Reign Forevermore” because of the power of that chorus.

We also found creative ways to work in songs like “Away In A Manger,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and “We Three Kings.” It was inspiring to really dig into the lyric of “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.” The idea of (Love Song) came from a stanza in the original hymn that says “and man at war with man hears not the love song which they bring/ o hush the noise and cease the strife and hear the angels sing.” What a lyric…it gave me the thought that God’s love song to the world is Jesus. He is the melody that broke the silence!

What do you hope people will walk away with after hearing these songs?

There is a lyric in the chorus of “Noel” that says “come and see what God has done.” That would be what I would hope people walk away with – that eyes are opened once again to the greatest event in all of history… the Creator of all became created… Jesus took on flesh and was born in a lowly manger to make a way for us to know God.

Describe an interesting behind the scenes story your team experienced while writing, recording or performing this album.

I wanted this record to capture the church singing these songs in worship, so like my first Christmas album, “Glory In The Highest,” I recorded at Ocean Way. It is a legendary studio in Nashville that was once a church, so it was so beautiful to fill what is now a studio room with hundreds of voices singing praise to God.


Christmas is always magical as a kid. What makes Christmas a favorite time for you now?

The wonder and joy of Christmas is lived all over again as a dad. Christmas is such a beautiful season of family, and now having two little girls of my own, it’s such a sweet time. Not just having a tree, stockings and sharing gifts…it’s such a sweet time to share the story our Savior born as a baby.

Check out Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas album, “Adore” available now!

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