Danny Gokey’s Song “Comeback” is What You Need to Get Motivated Today!

If life didn’t turn out how you expected, this song is for you! Danny Gokey gets it. And that’s why he wrote “Comeback.”

Danny says, “I’ve come across many people at my shows who, with tears in their eyes, have expressed that life hasn’t turned out anything like what they expected. They are broken and don’t know how they can keep going after experiencing so many disappointments, hurts and failures.

If this is you, what I DO know from personal experience is that God is the redeemer of any situation, no matter how bad it looks or feels. He promises to work ALL things together for your good… He is the author of the ultimate “Comeback” story – bringing life from death!”

If today is hard, here’s more encouragement from Danny Gokey just for you: “His love for us is limitless, so trust Him and his heart for you… God is NOT finished with you and the best is yet to come!! Don’t give up hope! Don’t give up Faith. God is doing more behind the scenes than you can see!! Just when they think they’ve got you game, set, match…here comes your Comeback!”

Watch Danny Gokey surprise a deserving fan!


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