Do You Think God Can Change Your Dreams and Passions? – Matthew West

“My senior year, my teachers were asking, “Why aren’t you doing your work? … Because I’m gonna go play for the Cubs!”

Matthew West write and sings some of our favorite WAY-FM songs like “Grace Wins Every Time,” but for a while, he was convinced he would be playing professional baseball. Did God change that dream?


“Turns out I couldn’t hit a curveball. Turns out there were college scouts coming to the games, but they weren’t looking at me… They were looking at my buddy who got drafted, the center fielder.

That’s when I began to turn my attention towards a new passion which was music. That’s when I began to step into my ‘sweet spot…’

Sometimes the worst things that happen to you in your life really are the best things that happen to you because God uses it to redirect your passion, redirect your attention, and to really remind us that His dream for us are bigger than our plan.”


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